iPhone Tip: Earbud controls...
It's never too late to discover that those boring, all-white headphones Apple threw in with your iPhone can do a lot more than adjust the volume.
In fact, any headphones that include a remote (or have a remote adapter attached) can be used to control your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch in up to 10 ways.
Here are some ways to use your headphones as a remote controller, allowing you to perform useful functions without taking your iDevice out of your pocket...
> If you're listening to music, toggle pause or play by tapping the center button once.
> To fast-forward a song, tap the center button twice and long-press on the second tap.
> To rewind a song, tap three times and long-press on the third tap.
> To skip a song, double tap.
> To go to the previous song, triple tap.