All Things Mac...

After 25 years of supporting Mac users, we’ve discovered virtually everything you need when setting up a new Mac.  Whether it’s upgrading from an old Mac to a new one, switching to Mac from Windows, or setting up your very first Mac for the first time... My Mac Guru has got you covered.

Once your Mac is up and running, you’ll want to learn how to take full advantage of all that your new Mac has to offer, and how to maximize using it.  MyMacGuru can help you there, too!  We’ve been guiding and educating Mac users for over two decades, with easy to follow, specialized training that makes learning how to get the most from your Mac both simple and fun!

One of the features of the Mac that makes it truly special, and sets it apart, far & away, from other computers, is Apple’s iLife suite of apps, including iTunes, iMovie, Photos & Garageband.

We love music!  And My Mac Guru is expert in using iTunes to help you add to and manage all of the music in your iTunes Library to make it an enriching experience.  The same goes for photos!  We love photography, and take lots of pictures, ourselves!  We can show you how to use Photos to get the most out of your personal photos.

And since your pictures, music, and all of the content you create on your Mac are invaluable, we help you protect your data using Apple’s Time Machine backup software, built-in to every Mac; so in the rare event that you ever experience trouble with the hard drive on your Mac, we’ll be able to restore your personal files & information quickly & efficiently, minimizing your down time, and maximizing your Mac experience.